Dionysus Forest Frolic

The Brown trunks of the trees surround Me

Channeling the energy I See


Dionysus, I sense your presence Here

You make the truth of reality Clear


For it is with you that he seek pleasure in the Night

Knowing that as warriors it is our Right


For all that exist desire life’s Kiss

Why be born at all if such things we would Miss


Animals play within the Trees

Dancing around our Knees


Water splashes By

And with an Ale in my hand I have to reason to Cry


Tip a shot of golden Fire

As our real one burns ever Higher


Some Green beneath the Green

If you know what I Mean


Dionysus I join with You

And to my pleasure I will be True

Dionysus Forest Frolic

Dionysus Forest Frolic

Learn more about Dionysus and his heroes here!


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