Hecate Charisma Spell

The ways of Chaos and Magick are Great

We seek to mold others so they will aid us in reaching our true Fate


For in the world of competition and Vice

Humans swarm over everything like maggoty Lice


As Wizards we seek to raise above the Others

Yet in a way that will trick them so they think that we are Brothers


Homo-superior is what we Are

And against the rest we do War


We seek to protect this world before the End

Aid stone, animal, and Friend


Yet we need not fight Fair

No we will Manipulate and Coerce with Flair


Like Micaville we plan and Plot

Also trying to better our Lot


So Hecate shine your Power down on us this Night

Let you servants bask in your Sight


Aid us to become stronger and Proceed

Let Magick and Joy triumph over Greed


Enable us, Making us Stronger

And we will be more powerful Servants Forever and Longer

Follow Heroes as they use the Mystic Archetypes

Tri-Partite Goddess



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