Dionysus Joy

People of Dionysus search out the Joy

Even if that is what other seek to always Destroy


Yes, it is fun to accomplish and Strive

But if we do not to find Joy why we are really Alive


So please join us now in the day or the Dark

And let Joy find you and leave its positive Mark


Sure we want to accomplish and get things Done

But only so we can enjoy our Fun


Some much bullshit attacks us each Day

We are victims of the Discordic Sway


But we want to take that Chaos and make it our Friend

Ride the maelstrom until the End


So Dionysus bless us this Night

For we know that embracing Joy is always Right


In the end there is no other task for Man

For making people smile when they take Joy’s Hand


So great Baccus listen to Me

Help me find Joy and set my soul Free

Dionysus Joy

Learn more abut Heroes that strive for Humanity and fight the villains that would Destroy it Here!


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