Dionysus Party

There is always so much that we should Do

That sometimes it gets away from You


Instead of banging your head against a Wall

Go out, mingle, and stand Tall


Let’s face it, we kick ass and are cool beyond Belief

Why should we belittle ourselves and drown in Grief


Sometimes we just need to Show Off

It is then that we party and get Rough


Get out and join the Party

Promote the Me


There are times when all we need is Fun

And we aren’t the only One


So now we head off into the Night

Protect us Dionysus may we never leave your Sight


Protect us as we do your Work

And spreading your word we will never Shirk


Party we enter into you Now

And hope we make it safety back home just saying Wow

FInd out How Phillip Brownhurst and other heroes you these archetypes and spells to push back the evil assaulting the Earth!

Dionsus Party



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