Dionysus Ale

\There is a way for men to Play

Some of us do it every Day

Beer, Mead, Porter, Stout, and Ale

Next to these all other drinks Pale

Beer is proof that you love Us

Help us journey into your Beloved Forest

For Dionysus it is you that we Seek

With your help we can reach our own personal Super-Freak

Ale separates us from the hassles of normal Work

Let us change our mood so we do not feel like a Jerk

I become one with you, when the Alex becomes one with Me

I open my mind and feel Free

So Dionysus we walk with you this Night

You essence helps drown us with Delight

You help us Release

But also keep us more than just another Beast

So tonight we raise our drinks on High

Knowing that ale is one thing that will never Lie

Learn more about the Path of the Hero Here?

Dionysus Ale


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