Dionysus Relax

There are so many things in this world that can Tax

That is why it is important to be able to Relax

But when our face is being ground into the Grate

It is hard to reach that higher State

This is why Dionysus, we come to You

For we love you through and Through

Help as release ourselves from our worldly Woes

Remove us from trauma’s Throws

We seek a higher Place

Even if we are still part of this Human’s Race

So help me toss it all Away

And have at least some joy every Day

For without Joy is there a reason to Exist

Without slowing down think of all we might Miss

Relaxation is the opposite of Stress

And our best way to reverse this Mess

So Dionysus hear is this Night

For we seek to Bask in your Delight

Learn more about how Heroes use the Mystic Archetypes Here!

dionysus Relax


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