Inanna’s Lover’s Blessing

Inanna we stand before You

Lovers through and Through

Seeking to know and to Do



With you we seek to Join

Our Love being the fruits of your Loin

Male and Female two halves of the same Coin



My one, (Her/His) One and your One is Three

Let your Blessings flow over We

Entering into your power, like a warm Sea



Much of this world is filled with dark evil Crap

Reality can always render a cruel Slap

Love is how we escape this Trap



Honor our Love this Night

For each other we will always Fight

Knowing that this is eternally Right



We ask you to always bless this Love

Which we will treat as gently as a Dove

So please shower it with the lights from Above



People that reject your Love are Fools

Honest Lovers are your Tools

We seek to follow you and create our own Rules



So hear us this Night

And Bless us with Delight

For you and Love we will always Fight



In the end there is nothing Stronger

No Love could last Longer

My mate I will forever Honor

Find out more about how Heroes us the Stalwart Archetypes here!


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