Apollo Weal Centering


As Above As Below

It is down the Righteous Path we Go

Warrior of Weal We Be

Eternally Fighting to Keep the World Free

With our Sword strapped to our Side

There is nowhere for Evil to Hide

In Life it is difficult to be Knowing

Down Which Path we should be Going

We try to be Decent and Right

But yet internally we Fight

When Evil Lurks all around and wears a Mask

Destroying it becomes a difficult Task

Today the Malign Destroyers are families and Fathers

Yet just because they have become rich from their greed does not make them Smarter

It is we who are put to the Test

Struggling, attempting to do our Best

Who to help, where to Turn

When by our very Existence creates the Earthly Burn

Great Apollo it is you we are Wooing

What is it that we should we Be Doing

I Seek to be the Righteous Warrior of Weal

But to be on the right path one had to do more than Feel

Aid us and steer us Strait

Pull away the illusions and fill us with the Great

This Day we stand before You

Hoping to discover what we really should Do

Are there things you could be Showing

Insights we should be Knowing

We seek to be Good

And wish to help others as we Should

Light up our Way

We will follow the direction you Say

We Seek to be Strong and Help

Save everything from the Universe itself to the lowest Whelp

So Hear us this Day

And Send Your Blessings Our Way

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