Our Mystic Week

            Many people fail to conceptualize the full extent in which the concept of the week affects our lives. Will you be doing the same thing on Tuesday as you will be doing next Saturday? The week was originally designed as a Magickal construct based on pre-Christian deities and archetypes. So if the week was designed to be a Magickal device to help explain and control our reality, why should we not invest some effort into determining how this construct could aid us in our general understanding of our personal existences today?

 Days of the Week Magick

            When the days of the week were originally designed, they each represented one of the known medieval celestial bodies.

Each Day’s Planet


                                    Sunday                        The Sun

                                    Monday                       The Moon

                                    Tuesday                       Mars

                                    Wednesday                 Mercury

                                    Thursday                     Jupiter

                                    Friday                          Venus

                                    Saturday                      Saturn


            Through the centuries, there has been much argument and disagreement regarding the Magickal properties of the days of the week and what they represent. Those who follow The Great Work, have however, come to a certain understanding. These conclusions have become the archetypes, which represent our concepts of the days of the week. The following is my personal interpretation of these archetypes.


            The color of this day is red. Sunday is a day of power. It is an energy enhancer. You can use this day to multiply the strength of any task or goal, which you are working on. Sunday is also associated with luck and creating, as well as maintaining positive luck.

            Its number is 5 and its element is Fire. Sunday’s symbols include: the Pentagram, fire, and all objects associated with bringing a person good luck. Loki is considered this day’s keeper.




            The color of Monday is a strong deep green. Monday is of course linking with the Moon and the myriad of things it represents. Monday is also a day of strength and a good day to complete tasks. It is the day of the Earth and Earth Magicks. Working with animals and nature is also stronger on Monday for our ties to such are closer.

            The number for this day is 8. Its element is Earth. Its symbols include: the Moon, the Chaos sign, the snake, the arrow, and the feathered serpent. The All-Father serpent (Yig, Quetzequatl) is the master of this day.




            Tuesday’s color is yellow. Since Mars is the planet of war, much of Tuesday’s orientation concerns attack and defense. Yet strangely, this is also the day of hearth and home, and of general goodness toward others. Tuesday is the day to set up systems to protect yourself, and those in your care, from enemies and ill fortune.

Conversely, it is also the time to attack your foe. It has been considered a day of virtue as well, a day when one works to prove their moral character and fiber.

            Tuesday’s number is 6. Its element is fire. Tuesday’s symbols include: a half black, half white circle, eight swords with their hilts touching pointing outwards, the Sun, and the bow. Apollo watches over this day.




            Wednesday’s color is a rich gray. This day has been associated with gaining money, employment, thievery, gambling, and material wealth. It is also a day of potent Magick and healing. Attempts to Magickally or physically heal a person, should be done on this day. Wednesday is also a day for guile and trickery, a great time for pranks and confusion.

            Wednesday’s number is the powerful Magickal number 7. Its element is air. Wednesday’s symbols include: the Caduceus, the Ankh, the eye in the pyramid, mistletoe, and the empty circle. Hermes is the Lord of this, the most Magickal of days.




            Thursday’s color is a deep purple. Thursday deals with leadership, human interaction, control, and charisma. It is the day of Machiavellian plotting. It also represents success in organizations and with people. Like Monday it is associated with the Moon. Thursday nights are also strong times for performing Magick, particularly if it is in secret or associated with the female aspects of existence.

            Thursday’s number is 1. It is of the element of air. Its symbols include: lightning, the medicine wheel, the moon, the eternity symbol, and the crossroads. Hecate is the Goddess that oversees Thursday.




            Friday’s color is any type of blue. The day is linked with sex and creativity. It is a day to work on human relationships, with the people you truly care about. Friday is also the day to perform sex Magick and fertility rituals. Friday is often considered a female oriented day, but that does not mean that men cannot use it in any way that fosters creative action.

            Friday’s number is 3 and its element is water. The symbols associated with Friday include: a naked woman, a three pointed chaos sign, the sign of Solomon, a circle with a arrow hitting the edge, the threefold Goddess, and the cursive M, with the end sprouting a devil’s tail. Inanna rules this day.




            The color for Saturday is black. Saturday is the day of death. It is also the day most associated with evil and the night. Aggression and war can rule this day (night), for it is the night of the dark mage. It would be a day exact revenge from your enemies, of cause hurtful effects. It is the night of the angry and the displaced. On a more positive bend, it is a day to selfishly focus on yourself, your needs, and even your own projects. Do what you want to do. You are youronly boss.

            The number for Saturday is 2, which is the number of the adversary. Its element is earth. Saturday’s symbols include: the skull, the smoking mirror, the dagger, the bat, and a circle with two triangles pointing at each other. The dark God Tezcatlipoca owns this day.



            The color for this mysterious eighth day is brown. The Baccanaght occurs each day, but yet, has no official day. This is the time between midnight and the sunrise the following day, that mystic time, when one feels it is still yesterday, when it is in fact the beginning of the new day. Baccanaght is the time of joy, fun, and happiness. This is when one can party without regret and be as hedonistic as they are comfortable with. It is a time for wine, sensuality, and pleasure.

            Baccanaght’s number is 9 and its element is water. Its symbols include: a stem holding eight grapes, nine circles, each within the other, the Holy Grail, and the satyr. Dionysus enjoys being the God of this nebulous time.


Michael D. Griffiths

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